Palatine Jaycees Year End Awards 2015

The Palatine Jaycees celebrated with their Year End Awards and Banquet January 16, 2016. The chapter came together to celebrate 2015’s accomplishments. Awards were presented to the following members:


Past President Awards

Mr. / Ms. Reliable Award – Dick Bayer (1957)
Jennifer Hickman

Out of Order Award – Dutch Schultz (1981)
Brett Simonis

Enthusiasm Award – Herb Rocha (1982)
Cathy Veller

Blue Collar Award – Bruce Kaniewski (1986)
Barbara Cima

Family of the Year Award – Diane Pfister (1987)
Megan Goeller and Chris Goeller

What The Hell I Will Award – Mike Mulroe (1988)
Caroline Jagla

Community Service Award – Jay Cozza (1990)
Jessica Mainor

Can You Help Me Out With This Award – Marie VanWolvelear (1991)
Rob Doty

Catalyst Award – Kendra Puzzo (1992)
Will Hinshaw

M*F*T*P*S*H (More Fun than a Person Should Have) – Carol Levin (1994)
Bart Hickman

Geek of the Week Award – Wendy L. Copeland (1995)
Clint Yactor

We Couldn’t Have Done It Without You Award – Lore Pohlman (1996)
Audrey Doty

Associate of the Year – Karen Blanck (1998)
Arron McCurley

“Bee” All That You Can “Bee” Award – Amber Mullins (2000)
Hannah Meadow

Optimism Award – Kate McNally (2001)
Pat De Marco

I Think I Can Award – Jim Steiner (2002)
Joe Skibbie

Riding the Herd Award – Mike Klanang (2003)
Sarah Harwerth-De Marco

Positively Shining Award – Debbie Taflinger (2004)
Cheri Esparza

Team Player Award – Andy McCurley (2005
Steve Poduska

Lifesaver Award – Janet Leigh (2007)
Rachel Beck

I’m All In Award – Brad Haun (2008)
Sarah McKillop

High Flyer Award – Dan Reinholtz (2010)
Alexandra Namowicz

Swimming in Rough Water Award – Chrissy Trillling-Raices (2011)
Dan Reinholtz

Branch Out Award – Judy Reinholtz (2012)
Rachel Smith

Personal Growth Award – Arron McCurley (2013)
Robin Yactor

(wo)man up. Award – Will Hinshaw (2014)
Brianne Lind

Make It Matter Award – Traci Hinshaw (2015)
Chrissy Trilling-Raices

Project / Chairman Awards


2015 Project / Chairman Awards – Administration

The Runner-up Outstanding Administrative Project
The 56th Annual Christmas Tree Sale, chaired by Audrey Doty, Rob Doty, and Steve Poduska

The Outstanding Administrative Project
Palatine Pizza Showdown, chaired by Audrey Doty and Brianne Lind

The Runner-up Outstanding Administrative Chairman
Dan Reinholtz

The Outstanding Administrative Chairman
Audrey Doty


2015 Project / Chairman Awards – Chapter Management

The Outstanding Chapter Management Project
Minute to Win It Social, chaired by Rob Doty

The Runner-Up Chapter Management Chairman
Rachel Smith

The Outstanding Chapter Management Chairman
Robin Yactor


2015 Project / Chairman Awards – Community

The Runner-up Outstanding Community Project
Children’s Holiday Party, chaired by Sarah McKillop & Chrissy Trilling-Raices

The Outstanding Community Project
Adopt-A-School STEM fair, chaired by Chrissy Trilling-Raices

The Runner-up Outstanding Community Chairmen
Richard Lewis and Joanne Rinaldo

The Outstanding Community Chairman
Joe Skibbie


2015 Project / Chairman Awards – Individual Development

The Outstanding Individual Development Project
Spanish Club, chaired Rachel Beck

The Outstanding Individual Development Chairman
Rachel Smith


2015 Project / Chairman Awards – State Involvement

The Runner-Up Outstanding State Involvement Project
Nothing But Nets March Madness Fundraiser, chaired by Aaron Jefford

The Outstanding State Involvement Project
Regifters’ Auction, chaired by Steve Poduska

The Outstanding State Involvement Chairman
Robin Yactor