Jaycees To Hold Membership Night

The Palatine Jaycees, with their annual Fourth of July Hometown Fest quickly approaching, will be holding a membership night which is open to the public on Friday, February 28th at Emmett’s Brewing Company, 110 North Brockway Street in Palatine, from 6:30 PM until 8:30 PM to discuss with prospective members involvement in the Festival and the benefits of joining the Palatine Jaycees.

“We keep our membership nights informal so that people can get to know a number of the members and learn a bit about the organization without feeling pressured to join,” said Traci Hinshaw, Project Chairperson. “The Palatine Jaycees is an organization that supports Palatine and the people within the community and at the same time has a little fun. Every year, we conduct over 150 projects that serve the community and accumulate funds for the operation of the Chapter and, through our Major Community Donations program, to put money back into the community.”

“Each year at our Hometown Fest celebration we meet many people who wish they had joined the Jaycees in time to help run the Festival,” continues Hinshaw. “We have so much fun with the carnival, parade and entertainment that people see our enthusiasm and want to get involved. We’re having this membership meeting now so that individuals can join the Jaycees in time to have some fun with us at the Fourth of July Festival.”

The Palatine Chapter of the Jaycees is one of the nearly 100 local Chapters and one of the largest chapters in Illinois. The Palatine Jaycees provides individuals between the age of 21 and 40 the opportunity to develop personal and leadership skills while serving their community.

Every year, the Palatine Chapter of the Jaycees conducts numerous programs to serve the community and accumulate funds for operation of the Chapter and community donations. Included in these projects is the Sand sale, Fourth of July Festival, Christmas tree sales, the annual garage sale and other projects that benefit the community and help raise funds.

The Palatine Chapter holds their monthly general meeting on the third Thursday of the month at 7:30 PM at the American Legion Hall on Palatine Road in Palatine. For further information on the Palatine Jaycees, membership or any of their sponsored events write to the Palatine Jaycees, Post Office Box 1517, Palatine, IL 60078-1517, call 847-604-0288, email them at info@palatinejaycees.org or visit palatinejaycees.org.