The Palatine Jaycees

Learn New Skills

The Palatine Jaycees is a civic organization that gives young adults age 21-40 the opportunity to develop leadership skills through community service.  Whether you’re already an expert, looking to learn a new skill, anxious to lead, or aimed at being a worker bee, there’s something for you.

Projects within the Jaycees fall into one of four “areas of opportunity”:  Individual, Community, International and Business.   As a member, you’ll have opportunities to learn management skills, grow as an individual and serve your community, both in Palatine and around the world.

Every member has unique talents to offer, and we provide them the freedom to contribute them in any way that the member wants.

Experience Fun Events

Membership in the Palatine Jaycees is an excellent way to make lifetime friendships.  Social opportunities abound with ongoing events like our bowling league, co-ed softball team, book club and trivia.  In addition to these ongoing, fun events, we regularly have gatherings for parties, game nights and barbecues as well as outings to sports games, pub crawls or family-friendly events like apple picking.

Impact Your Community

The Palatine Jaycees impacts the Palatine throughout the year with fundraising, donations and events that benefit the entire community.
Palatine Jaycees Hometown Fest, the annual 4-6 day festival, provides Palatine with the Fourth of July fireworks, parade and entertainment, while raising money that is given back to the community.

Palatine Jaycees Christmas Tree Sale has provided quality trees for the holiday season to the Palatine community for over 50 years, while raising funds to benefit our chapter activities.

Other recent projects include:

Need More Details?

Visitors and prospective members are welcome at all of our events or at our general membership meetings.

Join is at our monthly meeting:
3rd Thursday of every month
American Legion Hall 122 West Palatine Rd., Palatine
Starting at 7:30pm

Can’t make a meeting? Contact our Membership VP about membership information, or take the plunge and join today.